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French language and culture

This program aims to strengthen linguistic and communication skills in French.


from 1 week to over a month


from A2 to C1

French lessons





from 25
to 99 years old


cultural activities, visits, excursions

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the workshop

This course is designed for non-native French teachers who teach the French language or a subject in French (CLIL).

The programme is also suitable for staff in schools or in vocational training who need to improve their level of French to understand documents in the French language.

Participants can also be people working on international mobility programs or those who need to collaborate with French-speaking colleagues or partners.


  • Develop and consolidate French language skills in an international and multicultural context.
  • Share key concepts and approaches – useful to participants in order to communicate in an educational and professional context.
  • Promote communication in French between professors, staff and students.
  • Encourage communication skills and the exchange of experience in French.
  • Promote French culture.
  • Develop participant’s language skills and help them teach and communicate in French.
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workshops details

  • Needs analysis
  • Available online resources
  • Positioning test prior to arrival
  • Professional training provided by a qualified teacher
  • Educational material included
  • Definition of educational objectives
  • Evaluations during training and regular feedback
  • Advice for post-training independent learning

course content

The educational approach of this programme is based on communication in French between the students.
The programme covers all language skills: written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression as well as phonetics, lexicon and grammar.

Educational activities are organised into individual tasks and work in groups or in pairs. The exercises could be in the form of debates, discussions, role plays or listening and written work.
Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in a friendly and caring atmosphere.
During the morning French lessons, a subject is introduced at the start of the week.
Afternoon classes allow students to acquire key skills by sharing their knowledge and experiences related to cultural topics.

Participants are accompanied by their teachers who encourage them to maximise their progress. Remediation activities can also be offered individually.

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welcome details

  • Accommodation service
  • 24 hour emergency contact
  • City tour and welcome activities
  • Access to school, computer equipment and resource center
  • Certificate of completion of training
  • Europass mobility
  • End of course test


This model can be adapted.

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